Devil Traps and other secrets from Lubra, Nepal

It was one of the coldest mornings when I was on my way back from Muktinath, Nepal. While sitting in the cab, I bid my friend goodbye and felt bad that I had to conclude my trip without visiting his village, Lubra. Right at that moment when I was talking to my Nepali friend, something… Continue reading Devil Traps and other secrets from Lubra, Nepal

Many Faces of Nepal

“A tribute to Nepal in the wake of recent tragedy that shook this beautiful country. Let us pray for immense strength and courage to its people to recover and rebuild after the earthquake. I can never forget my recent trip to Nepal that brought about huge transformation into my life. Sending thoughts and prayers for… Continue reading Many Faces of Nepal

The Heritage City of Nepal – Bhaktapur

Quick Facts: Location Name : Bhaktapur Other Name(s) : Bhadgaon or Khwopa Location Coordinates : 27.6722° N, 85.4278° E Country : Nepal (Asia) Distance from the capital : 12 km east of Kathmandu Entrance Fee : USD 15$ for foreigners and 500NRS for SAARC nations Famous for : Juju Dhau (King Curd), Pottery, Handicrafts, Newari… Continue reading The Heritage City of Nepal – Bhaktapur