About Alpha Traveler

Hola fellow travel enthusiasts,

Alpha Traveler is my alter ego which alternates between traveling across places, clicking and cooking. I am always high on travel and so is my blog.

This blog is all about travel, places, people, and perspectives. We all seek refuge in travel at some point. And the other thing which is synonymous with travel is ‘food’. Travel & Food are those inseparable entities we invest all our five senses into and sometimes even more than that. We learn we enjoy, we explore, we grow and we become better human beings in the process. So here, I invite you all on a culinary and adventure journey with me to make the most of both worlds. The exploration of unexplored remotely explored landscapes will go hand in hand with splurging on the most enticing food for the taste buds and making some beautiful connections on the way. Life is short and the world is round,  so let’s carry out the task of going around the planet, one step at a time and transform it into a lasting memory.

I have been trying to put the maximum info about a place in my blog posts but if I skip something or you need a detailed information, you can always drop me an email {contactalphatraveler(at)gmail(dot)com}. For any PR & travel related inquiries, my email is the fastest way to reach me.

Some of my Published works:

  1. Trip about Nepal’s art city BhaktapurTRIPOTO
  2. Safety Tips for Female TravelersASK ME BLOG 
  4. Guest Post/ Interview  – EAT SLEEP LOVE TRAVEL
  5. Collaboration Post – TRIP EXPERIENCES
  6. Best Street Food Around the World (Collab Post) – YOKOMESHI


Love & Light,

Akriti ‘Alpha Traveler


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