How to write GRE ‘Statement of Purpose’ – Format and example (MS in Computer Science with specialization in Robotics)

  • Introduction

Having done an inspiring four-year course in Computer Science and Engineering, combined with the practical knowledge of Robotics and thorough experience in programming languages as well as Data Abstraction, I would like to apply for MS in Computer Science at your university with a specialization in Machine Learning. The course will help in giving me a leading edge in technology and information I require to pursue my long-term career goal of becoming a Software Developer.

My engineering degree has provided me with a strong foundation to my technical skills and my interests continue to grow as I delved more into Operating systems, Database, computer system security, programming languages, robotics and more. Through this MS program, I will be able to acquire the necessary skills and being able to bring new ideas to shape the future of machine learning revolution.


  • Academic and professional experiences

I can clearly remember the day I was introduced to computers and Operating Systems, in particular. I loved playing with the database, solve complex problems, writing computer programs and learning about system security. I was always passionate about learning new things. Working on key projects based on database abstraction from the Biometric device, networking, computer tools, and robotics helped me expand my knowledge and crave for learning more. I noticed that I had an uncanny knack of being able to come up with solutions by making new databases and reading about future AI trends.

I achieved high marks in computer security and Operating Systems, thanks to our Professor who made learning so much fun. I also felt that I have grown tremendously while being employed as a Senior Lead Generation Executive while learning different programming languages and acquiring hands-on industrial experience. I helped me broaden my perspective about data security and improve problem-solving skills with Python.

Even though I gained expertise in Machine learning during my job, I was intrigued to learn more and extensively about this vast field. That’s why my sincerest desire is to learn thoroughly about Machine Learning first and implement later. Although it pains me to leave the security of a job, yet I am committed to my career goals. Specifically, I want to learn how problems can be solved using machine learning and artificial intelligence through this MS course.

I am juggling with a few ideas around robotics – developing robotic computer vision to act as eyes for the blinds and help them in their vision-related tasks; developing unmanned vehicles which can run on electricity and reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy as well as address ‘drink and drive’ concerns.

I strongly believe that we need to push the boundaries to make AI-driven future and help the needy, poor and the sick with affordable technological solutions. I feel that it is my destiny to learn Machine Learning and do my bit to find viable solutions.


  • Career plans

I intend on pursuing a career in machine learning and robotics upon completion of my MS. I feel that this program makes me uniquely suited to approach robotics via machine learning from a higher academic level while deepening my knowledge. I am certain that this course will help me in pursuing my dream goal where AI meets the real world, cost-effectively assisting humans while becoming a part of our everyday lives.


  • Personal experiences that have shaped your development

Ever since I was young, I enjoyed working with computers and more so, teaching it to others. When I decided to take up Computer Science Engineering, I was undergoing a financial crunch due to the death of my father. My mother worked day in and out to overcome financial problems and make education accessible to all three of her kids. Despite pursuing my secondary school education from a govt. aided school, I was determined to be graduated as a Computer Engineer and I am glad that I did.

The financial barriers taught me to keep an open mind and make the best out of every opportunity that knocks the door. My best efforts yielded results when I won a scholarship worth 2.5 lakhs at L’Oréal India for young women in science scholarship. Through perseverance and determination, I strengthened my technical skills and continued to evolve through my graduate education. With the unconditional support of my mother and brother, I was able to overcome hurdles and stay motivated throughout my journey.

I feel strongly about helping others and have donated my books as well as helped underprivileged kids in computer education.

I also developed a keen interest in the environment and sustainability while working for an NGO during my graduation. The diversity of India combined with my vision to make computer education accessible to everyone especially the underprivileged, has a huge contribution in my leaning interest towards Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am inclined to making this world a better place and improving society using AI in different aspects of our lives. I aspire to be part of the innovations which demand out of the box thinking while making technological advancements accessible in the most cost-effective ways.


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