Creating an intelligent home with Flipkart

Ok Google, “Download the Flipkart app from Play Store”

Hey Siri, “Open the Flipkart app”

Hey Cortana, “Which is the best smart home device to buy in 2019?”

Hey Google, “Remind me to buy Fitbit Alta on Flipkart”

Does it sound like a regular day in your life? If not, strap yourself in for robotic day-to-day conversations in near future. Believe it or not, virtual assistants can quite get you chatty. And who is to blame? After all, we live in an era of more assistant-enabled devices than ever.

The frontrunners in the AI space – Google Assistant (Google), Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft) can bring any information to your fingertips. Smart home revolution is getting momentum. According to a research survey by IDC, India’s smart home devices market is witnessing healthy traction with 107% jump in growth and 1.4 million units in the second quarter of 2018. (Source)

Remember how touchscreen mobiles were such big a deal and once considered a luxury purchase. The current landscape of technology is about a ubiquitous automated living environment that runs on the bandwagon of smart devices with voice control.

Imagine having your personal AI ‘genie’ just like Aladdin, simulating ‘your wish is my command’ quite literally!

Think of being able to make calls, write messages, play music, let the AI read you a book, turn on coffee maker for you while you get ready, adjust thermostat settings while you snuggle in your cozy blanket, get weather details before you leave for a trip abroad and schedule important reminders while you enjoy your evening cup of tea – all of it with a simple voice command. We are not talking science fiction here. Now we have access to a plethora of smart devices that can do smart work for us – smart watches, smart security devices, smart TV, smart speakers, fitness bands and so on.

Thanks to better internet connectivity and technical upgrades that every home in India can afford to be a ‘smart home’ with their very own personal AI ‘genie’!

I, for one, love my Google home to the core and have smart wearable (smartwatch/ fitness band) on my current wishlist for 2019. The best thing is that you can customize your personal assistant as you like and get started in a couple of minutes. These AI assistants are adept at doing any task that you assign and even do multitasking for you. And everything can be done hands-free, no rubbing of the lamp like Aladdin to draw the genie, you see!

Innovation is not the only factor driving smart home revolution. The smart devices are intelligent addition to the urban Indian homes which are struggling with dust, pollution, heat, and traffic. Our need to make a better indoor living environment encompasses key essentials such as sustainability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly measures. These automated smart devices have proved useful across a multitude of customer touchpoints.

For instance, you can manage your home sitting far away and ensure the safety of your loved ones. You can remotely control electronic devices at your home, turn off the lights after you have left home, turn on security cameras for added security, switch on the air conditioner before you reach home, manage calls and messages on your smartwatch while on the move, order online, book a cab, catch up with your fitness goals and more. The spectrum of choices is wide and so is the range of smart gadgets to choose from. Price is no barrier as there is something for everyone to suit every budget.

Tier 1 cities in India are already gearing up on the path of #SmartHomeRevolution by getting a ‘smart home’ makeover. Needless to say that, wearable technology has exploded with a huge range of smartwatches and fitness bands. These smart wearables can monitor our health round the clock, provide workout analytics, offer useful insights on fitness levels and even send real-time data to the doctors. They are also packed with altimeter, barometer, air quality indicator, compass etc. to provide non-invasive screening.

L’Oréal has recently launched a device with UV sense to measure UV exposure on the users. There are smart robots that can push any button on your command. The smart mirror displays weather report, traffic information, emails, and events etc. using advanced facial recognition technology. A smart pillow can help with snoring issues and sleeplessness. The robotic floor mop can do your cleaning chores in a jiffy. And this is just the inception of curating a smart home where conundrum will be a thing of the past.

#GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution






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