Solo Female Travel – Pros and Cons


Have you ever traveled solo or intend to? Well, then maybe you can understand all the fuss about ‘solo female travel’. Travelling alone as a woman, I think, has its shares of pros and cons. In some cases, it is a bit overhyped I feel but then you can’t take chances either. Without a doubt, travelling solo is challenging at all levels – the fear of being alone, lost or unsafe can easily creep into our minds. But then it has its pros too and that is being confident, to travel without obligations, truly enjoy each moment and be able to do whatever you want to do, spontaneously. Solo Travel is the surest way to reconnect with yourself and your reality. It really helps you grow as a person and traveler.

Based upon a conversation with a couple of solo adventurers about their take on traveling solo, here is the ultimate ‘solo travel’ insight you need! No sugar coating the reality of solo female travel here, just the real, personalized tips and inputs from the ladies who had been at it. So before you embark on your next solo trip, be sure to get some inspiration from these bloggers and learn the tricks of the trade –

1. Marsha Derevianko from World Within Her

In her words, “the positive outcome of solo travel is ‘to see yourself as your best friend!’ That way you enjoy your own company and don’t feel lonely. I went on a solo yoga retreat where I switched off my phone for the duration, and really enjoyed myself actually!!

Marsha, there you said it! A break from technology and crowd is something we all yearn for and solo travelling brings you exactly that.

Talking about the other side of solo female travel, she goes on, “I think that the downside of solo travelling is – you can’t share those experiences with somebody, where you can talk about it later, down the line and relive the moments with that person.”

2. Cassy Kissack from Wandering Hipster

She says, “If I have to narrow down my experience as a younger lady traveling solo to one essential tip, it’s to trust the world, but also trust your gut. For example, lately, I’ve been hitch-hiking as a means of transport around Maui as it’s a pretty common practice here. People, for the most part, are not serial killers who want to kidnap you and dump your body in a ditch, despite what the news may tell you. That being said, do not get into cars with people who scare you. If you sense that something is really wrong, go with your gut. It’s usually right. And don’t hesitate to carry a knife just in case.”

Well, Cassy, I couldn’t agree more‼

Highlighting about the amazing thing about solo travel, she says, “I guess my highlight of solo travel is really coming to a deeper understanding of who you are as a person because you have the freedom to be anyone you want. When no one knows your past, you realize how much space you have to design your own future.”

Now that’s one good thought worth pondering over and I second you! I hope you all do, dear readers!

3. Karin Ardila from Girl Astray

Karin goes, “From my point of view, traveling on your own allows you to experience things from a different perspective. As you have no one to share your meals and strolls with (at first anyway) you are able to pay a lot more attention to the details of your surroundings, the people, the place, the atmosphere, the customs. It is a lot easier to make connections with people when you are on your own – I remember once I asked for the directions and instead, I got a ride on a little moto-stand from a Thai sausage seller. (You know the kind who rides around the village and sells hot dogs and Pepsi.) It was a very funny experience that would probably never happen had I been with a friend (or had a GPS).”

Well, I too had a similar experience once Karin and that’s a sort of memory you always go back to and laugh and cherish! I agree with you 100% that we are more connected and aware when we travel solo. I hope you are listening, ladies‼

Talking about the other side of solo travelling, she goes, “Being completely alone is not for me. I always look for a travel buddy once on the road and that is how I met my husband, actually. It is a great advantage to have someone by your side when you get sick as I did shortly after we met – and I am not talking about the typical stomach problems everyone gets, but serious infections like the dengue fever that I struggled with. To have someone you can trust with your life and possessions – whether it´s your best friend or a complete stranger – in such situations is priceless.”

Now that’s the downside of solo travel. Being sick and no one to take care of can turn into an unpleasant experience. You have been lucky to have found your love by your side but that’s a rare privilege. I think if one plans to set out for solo travel, one must take necessary precautions and make sure that they are in best of health and things like vaccination etc have been taken care of at their end.

4. Roxana Oliver from

According to Roxana, “So my ultimate pros of solo traveling are that I can be the boss of my travel itinerary – I do everything to my liking. Also, I’m a very friendly person who tends to make loads of friends, and so I have during my solo traveling days. Although I am not a big solo traveler, I prefer to do everything of travel nature with the hubs, I had some pretty amazing experiences. One more thing, if you travel alone, you have a better chance of finding good deals on flights and accommodation (if you choose to stay at a hostel) which means you can stay longer on a trip.”

Be your own travel boss, yeah we concur fully! I remember the happiness one gets from little things like planning your stay/food/activities altogether and just being spontaneous. It is magical to explore and see the world from your own unadulterated perspective.

Talking about the cons she goes, “Well as I said, as a social person, and a happily married one, I prefer traveling with my husband John. We are young people who both like to have fun and have similar interests. This applies to music, food, culture, and even shopping. We are a true travel team. And also – this way I always have someone to share the amazing experience of travel. It’s good to travel alone from time to time, get reconnected with yourself. But most of the times, I prefer couple traveling.”

5. Madison Meyer of Girl in Love with the World

Madison says, “Do your best to always be aware of your surroundings. I look around and observe the environment before I pull out my wallet to pay for something, or my big DSLR camera to snap a shot. If I’m in a time or place where someone is giving me a funny feeling, or I think there are too many people, I will not pull any valuables from my bag. That is to say, be aware, but not afraid!”

Lovely tips Madison! I always refrain from taking out my wallet when I am in crowd rather I count on the loose money in my pocket in such situations. I also try to have a dedicated bag pocket in such circumstances to quietly take out money without unwanted anyone.

Talking about the other side of Solo Travel, she urges you to keep up the good work of fulfiling your travel dreams and never stop exploring. Well, we second you!  As she goes, “Travel is for everyone—don’t let a reputation or another person’s concern keep you from following your dreams!”

So Ladies, tell me what you think. Share your best and the worst solo travel experience so far and how it changed you. We would love to know your take on solo female travel, do share your experiences in the comments below –



2 thoughts on “Solo Female Travel – Pros and Cons

  1. Hi Akriti! I really appreciate you sharing this insightful blog post because it really put some more perspective into solo female travel. I really enjoyed the concept of not sugar coating the topic because there are indeed fears of being alone, lost or unsafe that need to be addressed alongside the highlights and experiences we gain as solo female wanderers. One of my favourite pieces of advice was from Cassy Kissack from “Wandering Hipster” who expressed to trust the world, but also trust your gut. Not only does it inspire young women to not let their fears overcome them, it also reminds her that safety is also something that needs to be prioritised when travelling across the globe. My name is Patricia and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve started a small campaign that addresses the gender inequality that exists in participating in solo travel and I hope to inspire young women to take the leap and travel without restrictions. In response to your question at the end of the article, one of my travel experiences that changed me was when I was in Morocco. I visited a homestay that was run by a single female nurse that took in women fleeing domestic violence. She cooked us a traditional Moroccan lunch and shared stories of how her small-scale restaurant was able to fund educational programs and healthcare like rural service ambulances for women in the local community. People from where I live usually consider Morocco an unsafe place for women because it’s considered patriarchal. But I can say that my experience there showed me that kindness exists in all areas of the world, and as a young woman, I felt like a part of me was home. If you ever have a chance, please have a look at my campaign website ( and leave a comment or two. I would appreciate it so much if you could provide more of your travel insights for my audience as well. I hope you have a great day!

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