Offbeat Jaipur : 5 epic must-have experiences

Shot of pink city (Jaipur) from Hawa Mahal

The capital city of Rajasthan, famously known as ‘Paris of India’ and known for its rich heritage is a haven for those in love with all things vintage and artsy. Jaipur is not just about all things ‘pink’ or chaotic mix of art and culture or busy markets bustling with tourists. There is definitely more to the city than being limited to usual landmarks. Let me introduce you to 5 epic offbeat experiences you must have before you leave Jaipur –

  1. Galta Ji Temple

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Also known as Monkey temple, you can trust this one in finding solace. Around 10 km outside the city, this Hindu temple is a sheer beauty. You will like to sit there, maybe contemplate or simply enjoy the quiet, nice vibes. Surrounded by Aravalli hills, it houses a natural spring and sacred water tanks (kund) to bathe for pilgrims, all within the magnificent temple complex. According to the legends, Saint (rishi) Galav meditated here for many years. The intricate details, painted roofs and carved pillars are beautiful even though they resemble a ruin. Blame it on the poor maintenance of the property! Do watch out for the tribe of monkeys, they are friendly only until you don’t seem to get in a way of their food.

LTC’s Tip-off: On the way to the temple, watch out for peacocks and antelopes roaming in the wild.

  1. Anokhi Café

Visit this place for the love of food and travel, nonetheless. I won’t call this a hidden gem but it’s nothing lesser than that too. The real USP of this place is the organic food (sinfully delicious, mind it!). The place is quite famous among travelers; you can catch up with some and make new acquaintances while relishing the savory delights. They grow food in their own organic farms, you can actually tell the difference when you taste the food that is extremely fresh with rich flavors. Read more about it here.

LTC’s Tip-off: Do check out the Anokhi shop attached to the café.

  1. A lassi and kachori are absolute must-haves
Lassi at Shreenath Lassiwala at MI Road


I am talking about food again, I know right! But if you haven’t tasted Lassi in Jaipur, you haven’t lived. I literally forgo all my years in Punjab drinking lassi, I swear! The thick, creamy yogurt drink is served in a disposable clay bowl called kulhar and it imparts that slight earthen flavor to the drink, making it even tastier. I tried Shreenath Lassi Wala at MI Road and Lassiwala at Bapu Bazaar and loved them both equally.

Coming to Kachori, this is one of the most famous snacks especially Pyaaz ki kachori is native to this place. I tried a few varieties at Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB) and they were lovely, especially their Dal Kachori!

LTC’s Tip-off: LMB is the best option for snacks but is slightly overpriced for overall dining, so take note.

  1. Souvenirs – pick the best
Jaipur is home to exquisite silver jewelry

Be it the fabulous silver jewelry, drool worthy embroidered clutches/handbags, traditional Rajasthani jootis (colorful footwear) or embroidered cotton kurtas, it’s impossible not to shop in Jaipur, for all of it will make you go weak on your knees. On a second thought, isn’t that our birthright, ladies?! Yas! Well, shop your heart out then.

LTC’s Tip-off: Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar are there for your rescue.

  1. Architectural walk – Exploration on foot
Hawa Mahal Jaipur

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Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Take a self-guided tour around the city’s architectural wonders and marvel at your own pace. Go for an early morning excursion to the Amber Fort; spend the afternoon exploring City Palace and Jantar Mantar right next to it. Later find your way to Hawa Mahal and I’m pretty sure this will conclude the day. I spend a great deal of time at Hawa Mahal, especially enjoying the 360-degree view from the top. To call it a day, dine in at a traditional Rajasthani restaurant while you enjoy aromatic delights along with local folk performers and their rustic melodies.

LTC’s Tip-off: Pick Chokhi Dhani Village at Tonk Road for a great cultural evening and authentic cuisine.


I hope you like this post, do pour your thoughts/inputs and let me know in the comments below if you are planning a trip to Jaipur or need any tips/info. Till then, happy exploring!


35 thoughts on “Offbeat Jaipur : 5 epic must-have experiences

  1. I really want to go to Rajasthan! As a matter of fact, I just want to see almost all of India for myself. I am so fascinated. Your pictures are beautiful and this post will be super helpful when I finally get to go! I will bookmark it! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read the post and liking it! Oh you must come over to India, it’s a great mix of everything and I am sure you will end up having some great shots, considering that I already love your work on blog 😊


  2. It definitely has some kind of awesomeness vibe, so I can understand why they compare it to Paris. I bet it looks even better in person! I would love to visit India someday, and your post made me want to visit it even more! Thanks for a lovely post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to say I ticket all the items on your list when I went to Jaipur. That lassi from the Anokhi Café was amazing and I loved that they were serving it in ceramic cups. Also, I would add to your list a visit to the Raj Mandir cinema. It’s a must to see a movie there! I’ve seen PK.

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  4. Rajasthan is an incredible place. We have already been there once and are planning to revisit it. There is so much to see in Rajasthan and Jaipur is one such wonderful place. Your article has a great source of information which we are definitely going to refer to for next visit. Thanks Akriti for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome post and really well written. Had food at LMB a couple of months back and enjoyed it. It’s not cheap definitely but I wouldn’t call it expensive keeping in mind today’s restaurant prices. Probably at par. Still quite the iconic place. Wrote about my experience there on the blog just now.

    Liked by 1 person

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