No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars

peanut bar

Christmas is just around the corner and so is 2016. I am sure you too will be rooting out for fuss-free holiday treats for that last minute party or gift-giving. No further brain storming needed as I present you this scrumptious dessert recipe that is too tasty for words– No Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars. Making them is a breeze, trust me!

Healthy oats intertwined with gooey peanut butter blanketed with melted chocolate and nuts, you can never go wrong with these!

peanut bar

These crowd-pleasing bars will make for a fabulous foodie treat, not to mention the Peanut Butter Lovers and even those who don’t like it too sweet. Loaded on dietary fiber, they are perfect for quick snacking or take away treats. The recipe can be made with three simple ingredients – Peanut Butter, Rolled Oats and sugar/honey. But as I started to take inspiration from my ingredients, I decided to add a few more for that extra crunch and goodness. I substituted sugar with honey or even better Sugar Free Natura  for a healthy twist. Made from Sucralose, it has zero calories and suitable for diabetic patients too. So it is the best bet even for those hyper-active dessert bingers without worrying about those extra calories.

Enough said, let’s start rolling out the goodness,


½ cup Peanut Butter (Creamy/ Crunchy , whichever you like)

3 cups rolled oats

¾  cup butter

3 sachets/ 3 pellets of Sugar Free Natura or 2 Tbs. Honey

½ cup milk

1 pack cookies (I used UNIBIC Multigrain cookies)

1 ¼  chocolate chips/ plain chocolate (you can melt the chocolate and layer it over)

Fruits and nuts for garnishing





For the BASE

1. Crush the cookies to make a fine crumb and keep aside. I kept them a bit chunky for extra crunch.


2. Melt butter in a saucepan on low heat and once it is melted add the cookie crumbs. Mix well and take the saucepan off the heat to add peanut butter. Whisk until combined.

3. Add the oatmeal and keep mixing everything.

4. Add sugar and mix well until everything come together.

Sugar Free Natura

5. Butter your dish and spread the base mixture evenly. (You can use a spatula/spoon to make a nice, even layer)


  1. Make a double boiler and melt chocolate chips along with milk (I used the whole chocolate here but be careful that it shouldn’t burn) or simply microwave chocolate with a spoon of peanut butter
  2. Allow it to cool for a minute and pour over the base. Spread it evenly and garnish it with almonds and raisins.
  3. Refrigerate it for at least an hour and cut into bite size square bars. Ta-da!

Oh my yumminess! Mmmmm! Hard to resist for them to set, I know right! But isn’t it so simple and hearty! I am sure you will never run out of compliments plus they look so damn delicious. Makes for a perfectly easy Thanksgiving dessert.

Watch the complete recipe here and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel



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