Guest Post – Vicky from ESLT talks about all things travel and her wanderlust

Vicky from ESLT

This month’s Guest Post comes from Vicky of ESLT. Vicky lives in a market town called Beverley in East Yorkshire, England with her husband and partner-in-travel Mr. ESLT. She hates flying yet she wishes to see as much of the world as she can. She loves local cuisine and her list of International beers that she tried is long and ever-growing. Also, cocktails are her weakness, especially Cosmopolitan. In her own words, ” I have been to over 500 villages, towns and cities in over 30 countries around the world all of which I have great memories of, mostly. I enjoy eating out locally (although I am always on a diet!) and enjoy the local cuisine of whatever country I am in at the time even though as a child I refused to eat anything spicy or ‘weird’ – now I can’t get enough of spicy weirdness.”

Let’s know more about her from herself –

Tell us a little about yourself
Hello! I am Vicky, I am a part time traveller and work full time. I am 32 and have been married to Chris for 4 and ½ however we have been travelling together for nearly 9. I have always loved to travel and was lucky that as a child we always had at least two holidays a year. I now try and fit as many adventures in as possible around my 32 days annual leave. I have currently visited 32 countries – long may the list grow!

Where do you come from/ call home?
I come from Hull which is a city in Yorkshire, England which has been named the UK’s City of Culture 2017. Even though I have traveled all over the world I have never moved far from Hull and now live in the market town of Beverley which is a mere 7 miles away.

Currently you are traveling to?
At the moment I am not traveling. I am working and saving hard and looking forward to the next time I can explore somewhere.

What is the name of your blog and blog URL?
My blog is called –

Moving on to some TRAVEL TALK –

What is that one thing you love the most about travel?
Seeing and experiencing other cultures. I enjoy seeing how other people live. I love making memories and gathering tales that I can tell my children and my grandchildren in years to come. Oh and the food, I love trying the local cuisine. Even if it’s not to my taste I think it’s important to try it.

Why do you write? What makes your blog so unique?
I’ll be honest the real reason I write is because I have a terrible memory and I worry that I am doing/seeing/experience loads of amazing things and places yet might not remember the detail later on. So by writing it all down it serves as a reminder to me. Also, if people can get some tips or advice from the posts I write then that’s amazing. I get a lot of nice comments from people so I guess that’s another reason why I carry on. I think one reason my blog is unique is because I work full time yet travel as often as possible. I think it shows that you don’t have to sell everything you own, quit your job and travel the world.

How do you fund your travel?
Hard earned cash. Both Chris and I work full time. Luckily we both earn a decent income which allows us to pay the bills and mortgage and still have enough money to travel quite a lot. I do play the lottery and cross my fingers every weekend that I win so I can make traveling my everyday life.

Your future travel plans?
Bali and Hong Kong – October 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 2015
Berlin, Germany – December 2015/ January 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden – February 2016
Gouda, The Netherlands – March 2016
Vietnam and Singapore – May 2016
After that? Who knows?

Which is your favorite destination in the world and why?
I love Italy, especially Florence; it is my favorite city in the world. However, my favourite country is Australia. I spent a month there last year and simply fell in love with the place. We really want to go back but because it is a 27 hour flight we need to ensure that we visit for another month to make it worthwhile and at the moment it is difficult to find that time. It is so diverse. One minute you can be in a bustling city the next on a beach the next in the countryside the next in the outback. It truly has something for everyone.

Do you have a bucket list to share with us?
I do, with my Top 3 places being:
• Bali, Indonesia
• Bora Bora, French Polynesia
• Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you weren’t traveling, what were you doing?
Working full time, spending time with family and friends. I enjoy visiting the cinema and reading. Also, a lot of my free time is taken up with planning the next trip (which I love doing).

Best tip to beat travel fatigue/ jet lag?
I’m sorry I’m the wrong person to ask as I am the worst person in the world for getting jet lag as I cannot sleep on planes. The first day of many trips have been spent asleep. Although I flew on a Dreamliner last year which helped as the windows dimmed to try and get people on Oz time also different amounts of oxygen is pumped into the cabin at different times either to help you sleep or wake you up.

Piece of advice for fellow travelers?
Use price comparison sites to try and find the best deals. I use Skyscanner for flights and for hotels but there are a lot available on the Internet. Also, ranger roll – you get more in your case/back pack 😉


Your current location?
Beverley in Yorkshire, England

Best travel companion?
My husband and partner-in-crime, Chris

A beach or mountain person?
Of the two I would 100% say beach. However, I do love the hustle and bustle of cities too.

Your favorite mode of transportation? (Boat/plane/train/car)
Even though I have taken more flights than I care to remember I actually hate flying so definitely not plane. I do love driving and taking road trips so I would say car.

Favorite city?
Florence, Italy

Favorite food?

One thing we will always find in your carry all
IPod – I love music and certain songs remind me of certain places.

Next destination on your radar
For a city break possibly Oslo, Norway. For a longer a roadtrip of either California or the Deep South.

Thank you Vicky for taking time to speak to LTC and giving such worthy insights about travel to our readers. We look forward to your upcoming travel plans and reading some interesting travel tales on your blog. We are glad to share the same travel vibe with you! Keep your adventure rolling!

Find Vicky on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with her travel posts!

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