20 facts about Ancient India that will make every Indian proud forever

Scroll down for amazing facts about our very own land, Bharat or India as we call it that will make every Indian proud forever –

1. Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Decimal and Place value system originated and developed in India

2. The game of Chess was invented in India and was known as AshtaPada or Shataranja


Source http://www.slideshare.net/roommate07/legacy-of-your-country-time-capsule

3.  The earliest school of medicine known to mankind, Ayurveda was originated in India, consolidated 2500 years  ago by Charaka (Father of Medicine)

4. The value of ‘Pi’ was first calculated by the famous Indian mathematician named Budhayana who also explained the concept of Pythagoras Theorem

5. The famous astronomer Bhaskaracharya calculated the exact correct time taken by Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun i.e. 365.258756484 days

6. The game of Cards was originated in India and was called as Kridapatram meaning ‘painted rags for playing’

7. The world’s first university was established in India in Takshila around 700 BC. The University of Nalanda established in 4th century was another big achievement in the field of education

8. India was first to establish cultured living with Harappan Culture in Sindh Valley (Indus Valley Civilization) some 5000 years ago. While at that time, other cultures around the world were living as nomadic forest dwellers

9. Indians were first to grow and wear cotton during 5th century in the Indus Valley Civilization while Greeks only used to wear animal skins and were not aware of cotton

1o. In 11th century, Sridharacharya introduced Quadratic Equations. Indians were already using numbers 10^53 as early as 5000 B.C. Even today, the largest number used is terra 10^12 (10 to the power of 12) which is far behind the 10^53. Also the Fibonacci numbers were first explained by Virahanka, Gopala and Hemachandra

11. Surgery existed in India around 2600 years ago. Sushruta, the Father of Surgery performed many complex surgeries at that time like Cataract, Brain Surgery, Plastic surgery and Artificial Limbs

Sushruta : The world's first surgeon (Source)
Sushruta : The world’s first surgeon (Source)

12. Anesthesia was first used in ancient India and its detailed information along with that of human anatomy can be found in the ancient texts

13. The game of Snakes and Ladders was invented in India by a poet named Gyandev. It was known as Mokshapat during that time. The significance of the game was to convey the message that ladders or good virtues take people to heaven and snakes or vices put them into cycle of re-births

14. Two major religions of the world – Jainism and Buddhism were established in India in 600 BC and 500 BC respectively

15. The art of navigation was first developed in River Sindh (Indus) some 6000 years ago. The word ‘Navigation’ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Navgatih

16. Ancient Indians contributed majorly in the field of Physics. Various present day concept can already be found in the old Indian texts or Vedas.

Source http://panchtatwatloc.blogspot.in/2013_07_01_archive.html

17. Varanasi or Benaras is the oldest and continuously inhabited city of the world today

18. The art of Yoga originated in India as early as 5000 years ago

19. The number system was developed in India. ‘Zero’ was invented by the great mathematician and astronomer, Aryabhatta

20. Sanskrit is considered as mother of all higher languages and is the most suitable language for computer software because of its syntax and word formation. It was Panini , the great scholar who formalized the Sanskrit grammar i.e. its morphology, syntax and semantics 2500 years ago.




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