10 best travel apps for every serial wanderluster

1. XE Currency – This currency conversion app gives live exchanging rates and is highly accurate. The app stores the last updated rates and hence will work even in offline mode, which is an added bonus. A must have app if you are travelling overseas.      2. Skyscanner – This app does it all in preparing a complete trip itinerary for you.  It is a one stop solution for finding fares of different airlines in seconds, searching best hotel deals and even hire airport car at just the right price you want. Overall, a neat app that will keep you updated about price fluctuations as well. Never leave on a trip without it.


3. Google Goggles – Ever feel shy asking a complete stranger about a landmark or a monument in another country. Worry not, you can Google the world around you with this app. Simply whip out your phone and point your camera towards a monument, barcode, product, a famous painting or whatever are you visualizing and let the Google do the brainstorming for you.


4. Google Translate– You can literally hop around the world breaking language barriers with this app. The best thing is you cannot just translate it with your keyboard but with camera, voice and handwriting altogether and without requiring an internet connection. You can save your searches or even translate offline while on the go. If I have to rate it, I would give 5 stars to this app.

sketch-14298751727565. Perfect World Clock – A treat for the frequent travelers or those working in different time zones. It boasts a user friendly interface that covers around 20,000 cities in various time zones around the world. So the next time, need not to worry about calling a person abroad accidentally in the middle of the night.

sketch-14298755148336. TripIt – A perfect trip planner for the savvy travelers out there. It will help you make your travel itinerary like a pro, organize everything by sending real time alerts, access itineraries offline, store travel documents and find directions, weather etc for your destination. You can even keep track of your trips with this app.



7. Foursquare – More widely used as a social networking tool, this app provides personalized recommendations for the users to eat, drink or simply visit a place based on the current location. Check in for information about any place or eatery with tips and reviews from other users who visited the same location earlier. Besides, you can create your own ‘to-do list’ for the venues or places of interest.


8. Wi-fi Finder – To be able to scoop out free wi-fi on the go is an absolute essential for all those serious business travelers. Before you set out, make sure to download this app so as to find free and paid wi-fi hotspots easily within an area. It can locate public wi-fi hotspots within the world and can work offline as well. Never think twice before carrying your tabs on the next trip.

Image source : www.pcadvisor.co.uk
Image source : http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk

9. Maverick – A perfect app for all those adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts out there. The app uses maps of multiple locations and works in offline mode even with the GPS. The hikers and trekkers can easily record tracks and save places that they visit. Easy to use interface and extremely user friendly.




10. Trip Advisor– Stressing out for finding the perfect accommodation or can’t decide between this restaurant and that cafe? Trip Advisor is here to rescue by providing you with instant solution to all your travel woes. The app works offline as well and you can read reviews from fellow travelers or even add yours too. If you are going to a new destination, don’t forget to check it on Trip Advisor first.

Image source : www.wmpoweruser.com
Image source : http://www.wmpoweruser.com

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