Travel skin care essentials – detox on the go!


Sweat, oil and dust are inevitable travel partners while on the go. You cannot enjoy travel without being an adventure freak especially in a country like ours. But at the same time, an adventure of lifetime may take a toll on your skin. Whenever I set out, I tend to be open and receiving to the process of travel.  Be it lousy bus rides or somewhat honky-dory train compartments or even decent travel enplane.

We love to take back home the travel memories or even for that matter the travel tan but never the skin woes. I too had a hard time combating skin issues that came as a byproduct of travel but then you can’t simply stop moving out. Just like we take care of our hygiene during travel especially in the matters of food, we need to do the same for our skin too.

Sun exposure makes our skin age quickly especially during the afternoon time around 12 to 3. So alternatively, you can avoid the peak hours during which sun’s harmful rays may harm your skin or simply go for a good sunscreen lotion. I usually prefer to avoid both. However, I do like that subtle travel tan that stays with you afterwards just like your travel memories. But remember, don’t over-expose!

Now coming to the main culprits of skin damage which are – Sweat, Pollution and Dirt. You cannot avoid these no matter what. So my approach is to rather face them and emerge a winner. Over the time, I tried number of products suitable for my skin type and I will share with you what actually worked for me. I have a combination skin type which means it’s oily on the T-zone and dry on the other areas. This is so far the most common skin type. I will give you a roundup of my favorite products that I always carry in my stash while on the go –

1.BODY SHOP SEAWEED DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL WASH : This is something my skin is in love with. It removes all impurities and at the same time maintains the oil balance of my skin. So I actually don’t have trouble getting my T-zone oily now and then. Use it twice a day and trust me your skin will never fall prey to the oil issues.


2.BODY SHOP PORE PERFECTOR : This product is amazing for treating enlarged pores and should be used right after you clean your face with a cleanser or before you apply a moisturizer. Again, use it twice a day for the best results. If you too have the problem of open pores because of the pollution and heat, then you definitely need something like this. Pores once enlarged won’t take their normal form unless treated in time and if you have lifelong plans for travel, take a note and fix them right away!


3.BODY SHOP TEA TREE FACE MASK : This mask has tea tree, a powerful ingredient to fight bacteria on your skin, prevent pimples and reduce blemishes. The product is easy to apply and in 15 minutes it will help your skin get rid of impurities. This is a skin care ritual I swear by to de-stress my skin of post-travel fatigue. And be travel ready with clearer and refreshed skin on the following day. The cooling and soothing sensation that it gives is a bonus I’d say.


What I like the most about Body Shop is that they use natural, ‘organic’ ingredients for their products and they are not tested on animals. Besides they work extremely well on my skin. And these three products are always on my priority list among skin travel essentials. Besides these, I recommend the use of good toner and sunscreen lotion with good SPF, although I shy away from using too many products on my skin so I always prefer to keep a few favorites.

P.S. If you have any further queries or you want me to write more about complete skin care regime during travel, drop me an email or write in the comments below! Ciao!

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