Be a Travel beauty

The intensive travelling since many years made me a pro in packing, to say the least. It is only recently that I started practicing the ‘art of minimal packing’ in terms of makeup and other essentials for my travel tote.

Silk Scarf, Digi Cam, Walkman & Pringles for quick snacking : Few favorites to go first into my travel tote
Silk Scarf, Digi Cam, Walkman & Pringles for quick snacking : Few favorites to go first into my travel tote

For all those who love to travel in style, I’ve figured out a basic list of the make-up essentials to be taken for a short trip (a week or so). Taking into consideration, my personal skin routine, I’ve picked out my ten favorite makeup essentials to carry on the go.  My skin type is combination (dry to oily) and I guess it is the most common skin type these days. So I’ve chosen the make-up essentials corresponding to that. However, you can always add your personal favorites to pretty yourself more during your short vacation. Here’s a list of my favorite picks that I always swear by in travel –

  1. A spacious tote/bag– When it comes to choosing travel tote, ‘spacious’ is the word! So this spacious Pebble tote (from Pieces) with multiple pockets is my pick. It is my true travel partner for the reason that it is very spacious and easy to be used as a sling, crossbody or simply as a regular shoulder bag.
  2. Wallet –Pick a wallet that is foldable yet spacious enough to carry your cards (debit/credit etc) and necessary personal IDs. (See 1) My wallet (UCB) is pretty spacious, foldable with multiple pockets and has space to keep my mobile phone too.
  3. Eye Glasses –Sunglasses are a must accessory during travel. Try picking up all-black sunglasses. Here I picked slightly over-sized sunglasses (Mango). They work extremely well in the harsh Sun and cover my eyes quite well protecting the sensitive areas around the eyes too. Never forget to take your reading glasses (if you got one). My pick is this classy navy square- framed reading glasses from Claire’s. Black is too mainstream, pick shades of blue or burgundy to look chic even in those nerdy glasses. (See 2 & 3)
  4. Watch– A watch serves both as an essential and a statement accessory. Opt for a lightweight sporty watch or a piquant strappy piece depending upon your travel. I carried my Chronograph watch (Fossil) in rose gold which is both multifunctional and a chic statement piece. (See 4)
  5. Perfume– I always make a point to carry something to fix the body odor that comes as a result of extensive sweat during travel and shopping spree. So I suggest you to avoid carrying perfume bottles for they may leak into the luggage. Try taking Deo stick or something compact. I love to carry my tiny tin of ‘natural perfume’ that contains refreshing aromatic notes of rose and patchouli. (See 5)
  6. For Face– You can avoid the hassle of CTM and carry basic skin moisturizer and a night cream. Try to take what is essential only and keep your makeup minimal during travel. A Sunblock is an absolute must. Here, I picked my Biotique Chlorophyll Gel Moisturizer that works great for the combination/oily skin. It’s lightweight, antiseptic, anti-acne and works against mild skin allergies. I’m clearly in love with this product as its Ayurvedic and completely natural. Also it keeps my skin shine-free. For make-up, avoid carrying creams/foundations. I kept it simple with a makeup stick (Maybelline BB Stick) which is my quick-fix to all make-up woes and gives perfectly matt skin.                                                              Now the face powder is something I’d truly recommend. They’re absolutely needed for quick touch-ups and would keep your make-up set for a longer time. I’ve picked Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact with SPF 23 in Ivory Fair 01 (works for fair skin) (See 6, 7 & 8)
  7. For Lips– Carrying a lip balm is enough but if you wish to carry lipstick pick something in matt & long-lasting. I picked these subtle matt shades of Pink & Nude which both last for more than 8 hours. (See 9 & 10) {Lip Balm – Maybelline Baby Lips; Lipsticks – Maybelline POW 3 & L’Oreal Paris Natural Blondes Shade 381}
  8. For Eyes– Always pick something that is waterproof, smudge-proof and stays for the whole day. So my pick is Lakme’s Eyeconic Kajal and it delivers what it promises, trust me! Avoid carrying liquid eyeliners for travel and opt for eye-pencils instead. I took Avon Glimmersticks Diamond eye pencil in Teal Blue for the upper lids just in case the travel calls for a party too. It is a wonderful product that is long-lasting and very easy to use.  (See11)
  9. For Cheeks– Always choose a powder blush over a crème blush. My pick is L’Oreal Paris Le Blush in Rosewood. (See 12)
  10. Accessories– To keep up with your style quotient, try picking up accessories which suit your personality and can be carried with an ease. I prefer long neckpieces to shorter ones for they go with any outfit, like I pick this quirky cycle neckpiece from Pieces (Vero Moda) & Antique gold neckpiece from Accessorize UK. Alternatively, you can carry hair accessories like hair clips, bands or scarf, whatever suits your needs. (See 13 & 14)
  11. Stationery– Always keep some writing paper / mini journal and a pen handy in your travel bag. You may need it to take important notes (like travel itinerary) during your travel or to simply write your first hand travel experience, like I always do. (See 15)

I hope you got enough tips about what to take for your next vacation and keep it real stylish. If you wish to know in detail about a specific product or need suggestion according to your skin type, you can always reach me here. For any suggestions or queries, you can also drop me an email at –

Stay Beautiful!

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